Slip and Fall Statistics

  1. The #1 cause of accidents in homes, hotels, restaurants, and public buildings (70% occur on flat and level surfaces).
  2. The #2 leading cause of injuries throughout the United States (Auto accidents are #1).
  3. The #2 cause for Workers Compensation & Liability claims (40% of all claims paid out).
  4. Slip & fall accidents are ranked second to motor vehicle accidents in annual injuries & deaths.
  5. Approximately 8-million slip & fall accidents are reported each year with over 500,000 requiring hospitalization, and 19,000 fatalities in North America.
  6. These accidents compile nearly half of all home accidents.
  7. They are the number one cause of accidents in super markets, restaurants, hotels and other public buildings. According to the National Restaurant Association, slip & fall accidents are the greatest source of general liability claims within the restaurant industry.
  8. The vast majority of tile floors, bathtubs and showers using OSHA or other industry standards prove that most establishments achieve a rating of "dangerous" or "very dangerous".
  9. According to an AARP report, slip & fall accidents represent 66% of injuries to those over 65, and 75% of the accidental deaths to this age group, proving particularly hard on the elderly.
  10. Falls account for approximately 15% of job site accidents, and between 12-15% of total worker's compensation costs.