What is Liquid Traction?

Liquid Traction reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents at home, work and in outdoor spaces. Protection for your natural, hard mineral flooring surfaces is as simple as spray or sponge on, let stand and then rinse away!

It increases slip-resistance on most natural surfaces without altering the overall look, color or feel. It's designed to enhance the natural grip/traction on damp, wet or slippery surfaces; and helps protect you against possible slip & fall accidents.

Our non-slip solution is environmentally safe and ideal for most indoor/outdoor areas such as: Showers/tubs, spas/pool areas, entryways, garage floors, tile, terrazzo, concrete, stone and many other common areas or natural surfaces. Liquid Traction can be used on an endless list of treatable surfaces and areas.

Suggested Treatment Areas
  • Bath
  • Entryways / Foyers
  • Kitchens
  • Pool Decks
  • Restaurants
  • Assisted Living Facilities/Retirement Communities
  • Gyms/Sports Complexes/Locker Rooms
...And many more!