Frequently Asked Questions
How does Liquid Traction work?

Liquid Traction is a process that creates an invisible tread on top of the surface, reducing slip & fall accidents.

How long will Liquid Traction Last?

Recommended re-application is once a year.

How is Liquid Traction applied?

Liquid Traction is easily applied with a sponge mop, hand-held sponge (for hard to reach or smaller areas). Reference our Application page for more specific directions & processing times.

Will Liquid Traction change the look of my floor once it has been applied?

Liquid Traction goes on clear, and will NOT yellow/discolor your treated area. However, it can possibly reduce the appearance of polished/glazed surfaces.

How long does it take to apply Liquid Traction to a floor?

Most floors can be treated at the rate of 600 sq. ft per hour.

How long does it take to apply Liquid Traction to a bathtub?

Bathtub application requires less than 20 minutes. NOTE: Liquid Traction is not suggested for use on acrylic/fiberglass tubs/shower areas; as it can possibly harm the coating.

How should I clean my floor once it has been treated with Liquid Traction?

Yes. Proper cleaning/upkeep is highly suggested to increase the longevity of the Liquid Traction application. Once Liquid Traction is applied, you can clean the surface like normal with any cleaner, so long as no residue is left on the treated area. Be sure to rinse the treated area thoroughly. DO NOT WAX after treatment is applied. Wax fills in the enhanced tread created by Liquid Traction.

Does Liquid Traction work on Marble?

No. Do NOT use on marble, granite, colored/stamped concrete, acrylic, fiberglass or any like surfaces.